After Caravan Jumps Border, Trump’s Border Patrol Unleashes Swift Justice

The caravan showed up early, but they never saw Donald coming.

The caravan wasn’t supposed to arrive for weeks, but clearly it has been getting help from organized groups and the Mexican government.

Video has surfaced of the caravan riding buses and even piling into the backs of semi-trailer trucks to help speed up their travel to jump our border.

President Trump has promised the American people that our border would be protected, and sent our troops to support our Border Patrol.

Despite the media saying that the caravan was still hundreds of miles away, hundreds have made it to Tijuana. They tried to get through, but Trump was ready for them.

From Fox 5 San Diego:

People on the Mexican side of the border could be seen climbing the fence near Friendship Park Tuesday afternoon after part of the Central American migrant caravan arrived in Tijuana.

Several people scaled the fence and sat on top of it. A few jumped or crawled to openings in the fence onto U.S. soil but quickly ran back as Border Patrol agents approached.

Several border agents were seen patrolling the area in trucks, 4-wheelers, a helicopter and on horses.

The brave men and women who put their lives at risk to protect our border were so intimidating to the caravan that they turned tail and ran at the sight of them.

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But the fact that the wall separating the U.S. from Tijuana is so porous is definitely concerning.

Here’s what the invasion looked like from the U.S. side of the border.

The media hasn’t been reporting the caravan’s arrival as widely as people anticipated, but that’s likely because the scene isn’t providing good optics for the liberal narrative.

The people climbing the wall are men. The women and children are nowhere to be seen.

The Left wants you to think that if you support America’s laws, you support seeing babies ripped from their mother’s arms.

But the truth is that our immigration laws protect everyone, including immigrants.

Trump isn’t afraid to tell the truth about immigration. He knew that the Democrats would do everything to help the caravan arrive at our border quickly. But he made sure we were ready.

Hopefully, these images of our Border Patrol motivate people to come here legally.

But the media is making it look like our Border Patrol are the bad guys, and only by sharing the truth can we protect our heroes at the border.

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