Kathy Griffin: “I Can’t Stand Trump And His… I’m Leaving The US And Going To…’ (VIDEO)

Kathy Griffin officially said that she will leave the nation for no less than four years.

It’s hard to believe, but it’s true. After her embarrassing scandal a couple of months back, Kathy Griffin ruined her career, if she ever had one.

As everyone already knows, a while back Griffin showed up in a photograph shoot in which she held what was supposed to resemble President Trump’s bloody executed head.

From that point forward, Griffin has gotten huge amounts of negative feedback followed up by many cancelled shows and interviews.

She managed to ruin her career with just one foolish decision.

Despite the fact that Griffin apologized to President Trump, no one was satisfied with her forced apology.

As indicated by the Huffington Post, amid a current meeting with the Daily Beast, Griffin alluded to Anderson Cooper as “the Spineless Heiress.”

Griffin’s photograph was shocking to everyone. Anderson Cooper, her former friend, said that this situation was“disturbing” and “inappropriate.”

Griffin declared her choice to leave the United States on Twitter minutes after her most recent show in Dublin.

She stated: “Ireland is going to be my home for the next years. I will be here as long as Donald Trump is President – which I hope won’t be long.”

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